Since debuting HRD WRK at MotorEx 13 in Sydney, Nathan Borg has fully repainted and retrimmed his mighty Datsun 1200 ute. Mind you calling this his HOK Blue Blood ute a Datsun is a little bit of stretch, as very single aspect of this incredible machine has been completely remanufactured – some of it up to three times!

“Different aspects would get built, I wouldn’t like it and I’d do it over again,” says Nathan.


Throughout the ute, Nathan has gone with theme of polish, followed, by paint, followed by polish, etc. For example the 700hp, turbo 13B engine is painted, the bellhousing is polished, half the Tremec TKO-500 gearbox is painted, the other half polished and on it goes throughout.

Body mods are numerous; all the exterior panels from the doors backwards have been fashioned from scratch. At the other end, the guards, nose cone along with the panels that wrap down into the engine bay, have all been moulded into one piece. The quarter vent windows are gone, so too are all the factory moulds – which allows the all the glass to mount in flush. Then there’s those monstrous 22-inch wheels on the back.

“I love the size of the wheels on such a little car,” says Nathan.

The interior is all custom, lots of fibreglass and leather, the seats are sunken into the panel work and there’s a centralised digital gauge cluster – with the design of its triangular bezel repeated on the rear firewall.

It’s been a massive effort and Nathan couldn’t be happier to win the last ever Best of Breed Street Machine award.



Best of Breed Street Machine Champion Bodywork // Gold
Paintwork // Gold
Undercarriage & Driveline // Gold
Impact & Display // Gold
Interior & Rear Compartment // Silver
Overall Innovation // Silver
Engine & Components // Bronze