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Unique, top quality custom paints with sharp, vivid colours – the House Of Kolor trademark. There are plenty of pretenders but only House Of Kolor is the real deal and undoubtedly, the choice of top show cars around Australia.

Tech Information & Data Sheets on all of our products are available here!



Each and every custom product in the House Of Kolor range has been developed and manufactured by House Of Kolor. And that’s why you won’t see these high-calibre products anywhere else, under any other name.
Custom paint finishes aren’t just about colour. Our products are designed to work together as a total system – from primers to top coats and each of our custom formulas has its own unique niche in the custom painting process. For this reason, we do not recommend the intermixing of other  manufacturers products.

You can rely on House Of Kolor products for your projects, from start to finish.

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Most custom paint finishes will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Special Effect Overlays
  • Bare Metal Resprays

Special Effect Overlays

This is a great way to create a unique paint job without blowing the budget, making it perfect for street cars. House Of Kolor products enable you to use an existing paint finish as the base for an exciting new colour scheme. This saves the time and expense of painting the engine bay, boot and doorjambs, etc.

Clever design work and creative use of colour can add a special effect to just a few sections or transform the whole car – especially if a new body kit and wheels are being added. A special effect overlay should only be used over new or good condition paint and bodywork. Expect pricing to range between $4,000 to $6,000 complete.
Paint cost represents 25% – 30% of the total job.

Bare Metal Respray

This is the real deal. If you’re looking to completely change the colour of a car or you are aiming for a “showcar” quality paint job, a bare metal respray is the way to go. Design and colour options are literally endless for a bare metal respray, but it’s important to realise at the outset of the project that a painter’s skill plays an enormous role in the outcome. You should also remember that high quality custom resprays will always be expensive and that the price of House Of Kolor paint is often not much more than many other high quality smash repair/refinish paints.

For street cars, expect pricing to range between $6,000 to $12,000 depending on extent of bodywork repairs and detail required. And if you are building a full on show car with extensive bodywork or customising it won’t be hard to spend at least $15,000 and upwards.

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  • Ice Pearls (IP)
  • Kosmic Pearls (KDP)
  • Kameleon Pearls (KPF)
  • Dry Pearls (DP/DR)
  • Flakes (F/MF/UMF)

Brilliant glitter effects can be created by simply adding to our base coats, kandys, intercoat clear or acrylic and 2K clear top coats. Easy to apply for painters with good trade skills and ideal for special effect overlays


The ultimate showcar paint finish. Incredible depth of colour and sensational effect in sunlight. Very high degree of trade skill required and should only be used by experienced custom painters. UK series suitable for Special Effect Overlays and Bare Metal Resprays.


Surface Prep Products

  • Sprayable Polyester Primer (SP1600)
  • Kwikure Epoxy Primer (KP2)
  • KD3000 Series Primer/Sealer (KD3000)
  • Adhereto (AP01)
  • Wax & Grease Remover (KC10)
  • Post Sanding Cleaner (KC20)

The first step toward a long-lasting finish. It’s essential to use a primer, sealer and sometimes an adhesion promoter that’s designed specifically for custom painting to avoid common problems like filler bleed, shrinkage, sinkback, etc.


  • Polyurethane Showcar Clear (USC)
  • Kosmic Rokket Clear (URC)
  • Intercoat Clear (SG)

USC01 Showcar Clear is the most robust clear House of Kolor has ever produced. Using state of the art polymer technology, we have developed a clear with very good chemical, fuel and water resistance, as well as the highest UV protection in the industry. Intercoat Clear is designed as a protective clear for artwork tape outs on base coats and a number of other advanced custom painting tips.




The airbrush has unlimited uses but is mainly used by artists, crafters, signwriters and hobbyists around the world. Airbrushing has been around for ages and has gained significant popularity over the last several decades.

With the panel van craze throughout the seventies, air brushing these vehicles became almost mandatory. After over-exposure, it became almost non existent on vehicles but was still around in the sign-writing and clothing industries.

During the late nineties and early 2000’s, with the popularity of the late model car scene and the abundance of courses available, we have seen airbrushing reach greater heights than ever. Almost every car / trade show has representatives there, painting everything from temporary tattoos, caps, shirts to cars and promoting their courses.
With the popularity of the whole airbrush scene, House of Kolor have several excellent kits of Metallic Base Coats, Pearl Base Coats, Solid Colour Base Coats and Kandy Koncentrates available through a number of distribution outlets.

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Material Safety

Data Sheets (click here) for House of Kolor products.