Building a car can be such a long and frustrating process. House of Kolor is here to help! We have an amazing piece of software that is right up your alley. Our NEW 3D Digital Paintbooth allows you to change paint colours, generate fades, create two tones or even add pre made graphics, I added the stripe to the back of this XB Falcon, all without picking up a spray gun.

This is all well and good for painting the car, but how good would it be if you could also change the rims, shave the door handles and lower the car in the same program? House of Kolor 3D Digital Paintbooth allows this and more. You can change Interior colours, remove or colour code bumpers, debadge vehicles, lower, raise, change wheel dimensions, the possibilities are endless.

After building your vehicle digitally, you can spin it around 360 degrees to see it from all angles, change the background and then save and print to use as the blueprint for your build. Although the 3D version of this software is relatively new, we already have 8 Australian cars on the database with many more on the way. Available through our online store,  3D digital paintbooth will become a valuable tool in the car building process.