Peter Fitzpatrick – 1959 Holden FC
It may look unchanged, however Peter Fitzpatrick’s HOK Kandy Green Trilogy has been virtually rebuilt since it last appeared at Summernats two years ago. “It got a little scratch I had to fix up,” says Fitzy. They’ve given the engine a tune, it’s making around 800 neddies on pump fuel, with moderate boost. Engine tuner, Jake Edwards, says there’s a lot more in it if they wanted to turn the wick up on its twin turbo, 440-cube small-block. However while the car is looking better than ever, the six-time Grand Champion has decided not to try and add another sword to his collection. “Yeah six is enough,” says Fitzy, “what else is there to prove.” And to be fair, Fitzy and his FC have won everything worth winning including Superstar Street Machine of the Decade.

Top Engine Bay / 2nd Undercarriage/Driveline / 2nd Top Interior / 3rd Top Special Effects Paint


Terry Mourched – 1968 Dodge Charger
With its blown, 426 cubic-inch Ray Barton Hemi, killer bodywork and classy HOK paint, Terry’s Charger has it all going on – it pretty much has the biggest and best of everything. The most striking change since the covers were pulled off this weapon at MotorEx 2013, is those knockout new wheels – they’re the very first 24-inch Simmons Wheels in Australia. They arrived in the country just days before Summernats and were bolted over the huge Wilwood brakes for the first time the night before heading to Canberra. “I love them,” says Terry, “they make the car look a lot tougher. Which suits the tough, muscle car look we were chasing.”

People’s Choice / Meguiar’s Show Car Superstar / Top Pro Street / Top Special Effects Paint


Leisa Chinnock – 1986 Ford XF Falcon
Leisa and her incredible XF Falcon PSYCHO have been knocking them dead since it was unveiled at MotorEx in 2010 – and has pretty much been the car to beat. Looking at the arrow-straight bodywork, silky smooth HOK Passion Pearl paint, almost liquid-like polish work and insane interior it’s easy to see why. Up, until now the chopped, two-door Falcon has been strictly for show, however Leisa has decided to give Grand Champion a decent crack. So PSYCHO’s blown 351 Clevo has been tuned to run on methanol to ensure it stays cool; “the engine sounds awesome,” says Leisa. “I also spent about 25 minutes practicing for the driving events. Oh yes, and I drove it into the hall and up onto the ramps without stalling, so… It’s probably our last chance, so we’ll see what we can do.”

Top Pro Custom / Top Bodywork / Top Undercarriage-Driveline / Top Interior / 2nd Top Standard Paint


Nathan Borg – 1977 Datsun 1200 Ute
Nicknamed HRDWRK, Nathan Bog has really gone for that high-impact, Hot Wheels look – which really suits the Datsun 1200’s diminutive size. Given that its turbocharged 13B rotary is good for 700hp at the treads, you know this sizzling ute’s going have plenty of go as well as show. Besides everybody know knows red cars are faster – HOK Blue Blood actually, with HOK Galaxy Grey highlights and driveline. “It was never meant to be this crazy,” says Nathan. Mind you during its three rebuilds he’s replaced everything forward of the firewall and everything from the cabin back. “The doors and turret are the only original panels,” says Nathan. He also credits his family for their invaluable help in completing the build.

Top Standard Paint / Top Custom Interior (Fabrication) / 2nd Top Engine Bay / 2nd Top Bodywork / 3rd Undercarriage/Driveline


Henry Parry – 1961 Holden FB
Henry Parry’s FB is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Under the stock-looking sheet metal is wholesale engineering upgrades to bring road holding and handling of the 60s Holden up to modern standards. The all-new front and rear suspension systems feature modern geometry, there’s big brakes inside the 18 and 19-inch Schott billet wheels to bring everything to rapid halt, while the healthy 5.7-litre LS1 features all the mod cons – including power steering and air-conditioning. Henry even got the crew from Chop Shop to incorporate an MP3-compatible audio system. As for the aforementioned body, it’s finished in a custom HOK Kandy red with white highlights by Custom Bodyworks and is silky smooth – thanks to Dez Knight and the 750 hours that went into body and paint. This is one classy ride.

Meguiar’s Show Car Superstar / Top Custom Interior (Trimming) / 2nd Top Special Effects Paint / 3rd Top Engine Bay


Wayne Marshall – 1933 Ford Coupe
Other than its two-tone HOK spray job by Drago Ostric, Wayne Marshall built this bitchin’ 34 at home in his garage – virtually by himself. “During the two-and-half-year build, my wife knew exactly where to find me,” says Wayne. And although it features scintillating build quality and is as nice underneath as it is on top, in Wayne’s own words, “It was built to have plates and be a genuine driver, so I’ve put in all the ugly stuff for rego.” To get it engineered, the ‘ugly stuff’ includes wipers, washer bottle, air-conditioning, heater, plus a fully-functional interior. The Rod Bodz fibreglass body has been extensively modified. The roof has been pancaked, the grill extended 25mm and then laid back so that it flows into the longer, all-steel hood. Since being unveiled at MotorEx 2013, Wayne’s taken it to Adelaide (where it qualified for Showstars) and Lake Mulwala Rod Run – were it also snagged a Top 10 gong. Who says you can’t build a super high-end car and not get out and enjoy it? Certainly not Wayne Marshall, that’s for sure.

Top Closed Hot Rod


Priscilla & Rob Gallo – 1967 Holden HR Ute
Rob’s two-tone HR ute Top Judged Street Machine at Summernats 21, is a regular top tenner and one of Australia’s best-known street machines. Since its Top 10 outing last year, Rob spent 2014 tidying up a host of small wear ‘n’ tear issues. “It was just a lot of little things,” says Rob, “a couple of paint issues, as well as engine bay and interior.” Therefore, it was not surprising to see the blown, six-cylinder HR ute make the coveted Top 10 again for Summernats 27. In fact, considering how long this car has been at the pointy end of the field, it’s still looking as good as ever. One judge even commented that it has held up surprisingly well. Rob’s other car, the two-tone HIGTEC FJ snagged a Top 20 spot. Making Rob one of the first competitors to ever have two cars simultaneously in the Top 20 – that’s quite an effort!

3rd Top Bodywork / 3rd Top Interior


Steve Azzopardi – 1975 Ford XB Falcon
Subdue, refined excellence best describes Steve Azzopardi’s gorgeous XB Falcon. Photos really do not do this car justice, you have to see it in the flesh to fully appreciate it. The flawless bodywork and sensational black paint really show off all the myriad of subtle body mods. Which, individually are not in your face, but collectively give this tough Falcon a clean, slick look unmatched by any other. And it’s not all show, under the hood there’s a stout 418-cube Windsor screwed together by Trick ‘n’ Mansweto Racing, along with classic bigs ‘n’ littlies tucked under the mini-tubbed rear. The full custom interior is just as nice and is pure luxury the whole way. Having already racked up over 300km of road miles, Steve’s XB certainly is one killer streeter.

Top Super Street / Outstanding Engineered Super Street


Blake Fardell – 1971 Ford XY Falcon
If you ever doubted Black is beautiful, check out the blown, black Hemi in Blake Fardell’s XY Falcon. Nope, that’s no misprint, there’s 572 cubic inches of immortal muscle up front that’s good for a soft 1000-plus horsepower on street friendly E85. To squeeze that nasty elephant engine between the Falcon’s front rails, Proflow Performance chopped out the shock towers and grafted in a McDonald Brothers twin A-arm front end – complete with coil-over shocks. “I always wanted a black engine,” says Blake, “the rest followed from there.” Have a close look there’s not a skerrick of chrome anywhere to be seen. Blake loved the reaction the car has received and couldn’t thank the crew from Proflow enough for all the work they put into the car. And that colour, “I didn’t want it to look like a GT clone,” says Blake, “we went through five different colures before settling on HOK Galaxy Grey. I wanted to stir things up a bit and be a bit different.” Not a bad effort considering it was never meant to be this good – just a tough streeter.

High Impact Award


Daniel Souvleris – 1975 Holden HJ ute
With its nitrous assisted 540-cube big block Chev, complete with sheet-metal intake and twin Dominators, Daniel Souvleris’s HJ definitely has the mongrel to back up those KRANKI number plates. Daniel and his HOK Orion Silver ute have had some tough teething problems – including pushing the crank out of the bottom of the engine. But with the bugs ironed out, Daniel’s being getting out and enjoying his creation. “I had a bit of play at Powercruise and I genuinely take it out about once a fortnight. I didn’t build it to leave sitting in the garage.” All this ‘fun’ left Daniel and his crew of eight a massive cleaning job before rolling into the Meguiar’s Judging Pavilion. However, given KRANKI’s Top 10 gong, you’d have to say they did a pretty spectacular job! Future plans include MotorEx in Melbourne and then setting it up for the drags.