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Now it’s personal!

The two most common phrases when talking to customers about custom paint are “I want something new” and “I want something no one else has”, well, House of Kolor Shimrin 2 is the answer! The HOK Shimrin 2 system has 18 Karrier Bases and 35 FX Packs that can be mixed using our formulas ensuring your custom colour can be reproduced with precision if needed. These combinations make up what was the equivalent to the old Pearl Basecoats (PBC’s) in the original Shimrin system. We also have formulas that include the Kandy Koncentrates for that Kandy Basecoat (KBC’s) goodness.

For that truly personal touch, our Karrier bases can be intermixed to give you a one-of-a-kind starting point for your custom paint journey. Next, comes the fun part of adding any one of the FX packs to give you that WOW factor you are looking for. Ranging from bright Metallics to colour flip Pearls, these too can be intermixed for yet another level of personalisation. As this system runs on numbers and codes, your unique creation can be called whatever you like, name it after your kids, your wife, your dog or just something cool, it is totally up to you, it is your colour.

Fear not lovers of the original classic colours like Apple Red, Tangelo and Passion Purple. These are still being produced in Factory Packs but can also be tweaked using the Shimrin 2 system.

The future of custom paint has never looked brighter, and with the HOK Shimrin 2 system and your creative imagination the combinations are endless. Shimrin 2 is putting the custom back into custom painting.

Looking to the Future.

House of Kolor Australia takes pride in the relationship we have had with the MotorEx show over the past years. We are glad and excited to welcome the tie in with the folks from SEMA and really see this as a progressive step forward. This also allows us to work a lot closer with our American cousins who have a major stand at the Las Vegas show.

House of Kolor USA use the SEMA show to introduce a theme each year, last year it was ‘Kosmic Lanes’, a bowling alley theme that celebrated all things retro. To embrace this international friendship, HOK Australia will look to bring the yearly theme of the SEMA stand to MotorEx every year.

HOK USA also launch new colour formulations by way of their Limited Edition range at the SEMA show. We will endeavour to have these on display at MotorEx so you guys can see them first hand. We may look to launch our own range of Limited Edition colours with the help of our Accredited Painters in the future.

We see the joint venture with the SEMA show as a great addition to the already fantastic MotorEx show that will help Aussie businesses and cars get a level of exposure that is priceless. We look forward to supporting concepts like this one in the years to come.

A Car Fit for a King

To celebrate the release of the Black Panther movie in February 2018, Lexus paired up with Marvel Studios to make a customized LC500 coupe which debuted on the Lexus stand at SEMA this year.

Powered by Vibranium, the mythical ore found in his home country of Wakanda, King T’Challa would be getting excellent mileage cruising around the jungle. Along with the bulletproof vibranium laced blue swirl paint work, wide body kit, giant 10 spoke wheels and blue neon under glow, the King would find it hard to keep a low profile.

House of Kolor Silver-White Marblizer was used over the whole vehicle then covered with Shimrin 2 Cobalt Blue kandy to create the mythical paint job as well as the Black Panther face mask graphics on the bonnet. The magician behind this transformation was Ryan ‘ Ryno’ Templeton of West Coast Customs.

This car won’t feature in the movie, but the new LC Inspiration Series coupe will. Limited to just 100 examples, the flagship model will surely become a collector’s item.

The final piece of the Lexus SEMA display was the new 8-part graphic novel ‘Black Panther: Soul of the Machine’ which like in the movie, the LC makes an appearance. Only the first four chapters have been released, with the final four set for release mid-November.

Summernats Elite Top Ten

Peter Fitzpatrick – 1959 Holden FC
It may look unchanged, however Peter Fitzpatrick’s HOK Kandy Green Trilogy has been virtually rebuilt since it last appeared at Summernats two years ago. “It got a little scratch I had to fix up,” says Fitzy. They’ve given the engine a tune, it’s making around 800 neddies on pump fuel, with moderate boost. Engine tuner, Jake Edwards, says there’s a lot more in it if they wanted to turn the wick up on its twin turbo, 440-cube small-block. However while the car is looking better than ever, the six-time Grand Champion has decided not to try and add another sword to his collection. “Yeah six is enough,” says Fitzy, “what else is there to prove.” And to be fair, Fitzy and his FC have won everything worth winning including Superstar Street Machine of the Decade.

Top Engine Bay / 2nd Undercarriage/Driveline / 2nd Top Interior / 3rd Top Special Effects Paint


Terry Mourched – 1968 Dodge Charger
With its blown, 426 cubic-inch Ray Barton Hemi, killer bodywork and classy HOK paint, Terry’s Charger has it all going on – it pretty much has the biggest and best of everything. The most striking change since the covers were pulled off this weapon at MotorEx 2013, is those knockout new wheels – they’re the very first 24-inch Simmons Wheels in Australia. They arrived in the country just days before Summernats and were bolted over the huge Wilwood brakes for the first time the night before heading to Canberra. “I love them,” says Terry, “they make the car look a lot tougher. Which suits the tough, muscle car look we were chasing.”

People’s Choice / Meguiar’s Show Car Superstar / Top Pro Street / Top Special Effects Paint


Leisa Chinnock – 1986 Ford XF Falcon
Leisa and her incredible XF Falcon PSYCHO have been knocking them dead since it was unveiled at MotorEx in 2010 – and has pretty much been the car to beat. Looking at the arrow-straight bodywork, silky smooth HOK Passion Pearl paint, almost liquid-like polish work and insane interior it’s easy to see why. Up, until now the chopped, two-door Falcon has been strictly for show, however Leisa has decided to give Grand Champion a decent crack. So PSYCHO’s blown 351 Clevo has been tuned to run on methanol to ensure it stays cool; “the engine sounds awesome,” says Leisa. “I also spent about 25 minutes practicing for the driving events. Oh yes, and I drove it into the hall and up onto the ramps without stalling, so… It’s probably our last chance, so we’ll see what we can do.”

Top Pro Custom / Top Bodywork / Top Undercarriage-Driveline / Top Interior / 2nd Top Standard Paint


Nathan Borg – 1977 Datsun 1200 Ute
Nicknamed HRDWRK, Nathan Bog has really gone for that high-impact, Hot Wheels look – which really suits the Datsun 1200’s diminutive size. Given that its turbocharged 13B rotary is good for 700hp at the treads, you know this sizzling ute’s going have plenty of go as well as show. Besides everybody know knows red cars are faster – HOK Blue Blood actually, with HOK Galaxy Grey highlights and driveline. “It was never meant to be this crazy,” says Nathan. Mind you during its three rebuilds he’s replaced everything forward of the firewall and everything from the cabin back. “The doors and turret are the only original panels,” says Nathan. He also credits his family for their invaluable help in completing the build.

Top Standard Paint / Top Custom Interior (Fabrication) / 2nd Top Engine Bay / 2nd Top Bodywork / 3rd Undercarriage/Driveline


Henry Parry – 1961 Holden FB
Henry Parry’s FB is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Under the stock-looking sheet metal is wholesale engineering upgrades to bring road holding and handling of the 60s Holden up to modern standards. The all-new front and rear suspension systems feature modern geometry, there’s big brakes inside the 18 and 19-inch Schott billet wheels to bring everything to rapid halt, while the healthy 5.7-litre LS1 features all the mod cons – including power steering and air-conditioning. Henry even got the crew from Chop Shop to incorporate an MP3-compatible audio system. As for the aforementioned body, it’s finished in a custom HOK Kandy red with white highlights by Custom Bodyworks and is silky smooth – thanks to Dez Knight and the 750 hours that went into body and paint. This is one classy ride.

Meguiar’s Show Car Superstar / Top Custom Interior (Trimming) / 2nd Top Special Effects Paint / 3rd Top Engine Bay


Wayne Marshall – 1933 Ford Coupe
Other than its two-tone HOK spray job by Drago Ostric, Wayne Marshall built this bitchin’ 34 at home in his garage – virtually by himself. “During the two-and-half-year build, my wife knew exactly where to find me,” says Wayne. And although it features scintillating build quality and is as nice underneath as it is on top, in Wayne’s own words, “It was built to have plates and be a genuine driver, so I’ve put in all the ugly stuff for rego.” To get it engineered, the ‘ugly stuff’ includes wipers, washer bottle, air-conditioning, heater, plus a fully-functional interior. The Rod Bodz fibreglass body has been extensively modified. The roof has been pancaked, the grill extended 25mm and then laid back so that it flows into the longer, all-steel hood. Since being unveiled at MotorEx 2013, Wayne’s taken it to Adelaide (where it qualified for Showstars) and Lake Mulwala Rod Run – were it also snagged a Top 10 gong. Who says you can’t build a super high-end car and not get out and enjoy it? Certainly not Wayne Marshall, that’s for sure.

Top Closed Hot Rod


Priscilla & Rob Gallo – 1967 Holden HR Ute
Rob’s two-tone HR ute Top Judged Street Machine at Summernats 21, is a regular top tenner and one of Australia’s best-known street machines. Since its Top 10 outing last year, Rob spent 2014 tidying up a host of small wear ‘n’ tear issues. “It was just a lot of little things,” says Rob, “a couple of paint issues, as well as engine bay and interior.” Therefore, it was not surprising to see the blown, six-cylinder HR ute make the coveted Top 10 again for Summernats 27. In fact, considering how long this car has been at the pointy end of the field, it’s still looking as good as ever. One judge even commented that it has held up surprisingly well. Rob’s other car, the two-tone HIGTEC FJ snagged a Top 20 spot. Making Rob one of the first competitors to ever have two cars simultaneously in the Top 20 – that’s quite an effort!

3rd Top Bodywork / 3rd Top Interior


Steve Azzopardi – 1975 Ford XB Falcon
Subdue, refined excellence best describes Steve Azzopardi’s gorgeous XB Falcon. Photos really do not do this car justice, you have to see it in the flesh to fully appreciate it. The flawless bodywork and sensational black paint really show off all the myriad of subtle body mods. Which, individually are not in your face, but collectively give this tough Falcon a clean, slick look unmatched by any other. And it’s not all show, under the hood there’s a stout 418-cube Windsor screwed together by Trick ‘n’ Mansweto Racing, along with classic bigs ‘n’ littlies tucked under the mini-tubbed rear. The full custom interior is just as nice and is pure luxury the whole way. Having already racked up over 300km of road miles, Steve’s XB certainly is one killer streeter.

Top Super Street / Outstanding Engineered Super Street


Blake Fardell – 1971 Ford XY Falcon
If you ever doubted Black is beautiful, check out the blown, black Hemi in Blake Fardell’s XY Falcon. Nope, that’s no misprint, there’s 572 cubic inches of immortal muscle up front that’s good for a soft 1000-plus horsepower on street friendly E85. To squeeze that nasty elephant engine between the Falcon’s front rails, Proflow Performance chopped out the shock towers and grafted in a McDonald Brothers twin A-arm front end – complete with coil-over shocks. “I always wanted a black engine,” says Blake, “the rest followed from there.” Have a close look there’s not a skerrick of chrome anywhere to be seen. Blake loved the reaction the car has received and couldn’t thank the crew from Proflow enough for all the work they put into the car. And that colour, “I didn’t want it to look like a GT clone,” says Blake, “we went through five different colures before settling on HOK Galaxy Grey. I wanted to stir things up a bit and be a bit different.” Not a bad effort considering it was never meant to be this good – just a tough streeter.

High Impact Award


Daniel Souvleris – 1975 Holden HJ ute
With its nitrous assisted 540-cube big block Chev, complete with sheet-metal intake and twin Dominators, Daniel Souvleris’s HJ definitely has the mongrel to back up those KRANKI number plates. Daniel and his HOK Orion Silver ute have had some tough teething problems – including pushing the crank out of the bottom of the engine. But with the bugs ironed out, Daniel’s being getting out and enjoying his creation. “I had a bit of play at Powercruise and I genuinely take it out about once a fortnight. I didn’t build it to leave sitting in the garage.” All this ‘fun’ left Daniel and his crew of eight a massive cleaning job before rolling into the Meguiar’s Judging Pavilion. However, given KRANKI’s Top 10 gong, you’d have to say they did a pretty spectacular job! Future plans include MotorEx in Melbourne and then setting it up for the drags.

Summernats Meguiar’s Great Uncover

Steve Sarkis – LC Torana
Steve originally bought this HOK Ultra Orange with custom grey highlights Torana as a yellow driver to have a bit of fun with. He decided to do a colour change – and look what happened! It now sports a 750hp, blown, 308 Holden built by Hercules Competition Engines, two-speed Powerglide and Ford 9-inch. To fit those fat Simmons wheels, Racer’s Choice opened up the wheel arches and took care of the rest of the chassis work, while Metro Auto & Air looked after the electricals. Steve deliberately went for a four-door as he wanted something different. Built over two, short years, Steve credits work mates; Mark Jeatani, Elie Kahila, Bruce Gunter and Glenn Dawson for doing the lion share of the work.

Blake Fardell – XY Falcon
Another stunner from Paul Sant’s Proflow Performance. The whole concept was not create a another GT clone, that’s why it’d HOK Galaxy Grey and is jam packed with 572-cubes of blown Hemi! Yep a Hemi. As Paul says, “it’s a neutral engine, everybody loves a Hemi!” As for driveline, there’s something for everybody; TH400 gearbox, sheet-metal 9-inch filled with 35-spline axles rolling on huge 20x12s out back and 20x7s up front. The factory shock towers were ditched to make way for the brand new, EFI-equipped Mopar Performance donk, with the Falcon now riding on a custom Proflow double A-arm front suspension system. In fact the entire engine bay is custom fabricated from the firewall forward. Interior is also customised but has been done so along factory lines, including the full auto meter array of gauges.

Craig Hewitt – 2006 VZ Monaro
Craig’s previous car, a VL, went 7.41. But he wanted something that was faster, better finished and incorporated all the latest technology. So the VL was sold off to finance this ultra-tough VZ Monaro. While a purpose-built drag car, it’s been specifically built to run in APSA ProStreet Blown, as such it retains the front chassis rails, windscreen pillars and the body is all steel. Under the hat is a blown 501 alcohol Hemi by Aaron Hambridge complete with Noonan Race Engineering billet heads, Keith Black alloy block and 14/71, high helix, Kobelco Superman blower – backed by a two-speed Powerglide by ProTrans. Joe Gauci (Pro Fab) did the chassis, which incorporates an Rj’s four-link and very high-tech Penske shocks. Target ET? “The number one spot is 6:68,” says Craig, “that’s what we’re chasing, which is what the car was built for.”

Joe Nap – 1938 International
A member of the Beatniks, Joe is no stranger to the Meguiar’s Elite Hall. He previously debuted his orange HQ Monaro, as well as a number of customer cars, including Mario Capitani’s ’33 Speedster and Mark Devine’s orange ’34. This time ‘round the covers came off Joe’s new work rig, a ’38 Inter rat truck. Joe started with a set of wheels he picked up five years ago and started collecting bits ‘n’ pieces from there. “I built the whole truck from pretty much nothing,” says Joe. Highlights include huge Morris Commercial grille, Morris Oxford tray, ’46 Ford chassis, Model-A taillights, ’33 Ford door handles and stainless steel guards. It’s air-bag free and is designed to be driven hard at its 125mm ride height – which it will have no trouble doing thanks to its 8/71-equiped 502 big-block.

Phil Rillotta – 1969 Camaro
At an astounding 1005.8-cubes, the big-block Chev in Phil Rillotta’s latest toy is the world’s biggest. This EFI-equipped behemoth, nicknamed ‘The Godfather’ is a one-off built by the legendary Sonny Leonard for noted US racer, Craig Olsen. And the car ain’t bad either. Hailing from the workshop of Jerry Bickel (again for Craig Olsen), it has run [email protected] with a smaller, less powerful 932ci Sonny engine – which at the time made it the quickest and fastest NA car in the world with an automatic. It has a lot of technology built into it – including five different computers, while the sleek carbon fibre body is sprayed in HOK grey and features intricate airbrushing that’s a tribute to 9/11 and the US armed forces. Phil’s been around racing cars all his life and he’s never seen anything like this, “my jaw hit the ground when I first saw it.”

Simon Lumbroso – LC GTR Torana
Simon’s Torrie is a genuine, matching-numbers GTR – with a number of XU-1 upgrades. Being a genuine GTR, Simon kept the modifications to a minimum and anything that has been modified has been done so along period lines. Mind you, Simon Bonello of Ground Level Paint & Panel spent a lot of time getting all the bodywork spot-on including the gaps – and the factory Sebring Orange paint is also very schmick. The engine bay retains the original 161 S six-cylinder (albeit with XU-1 triple Stromberg’s), along with the stock rocker cover that has been smoothed, painted and buffed to perfection! In fact the entire engine has been deburred and smoothed, along with the factory Opel gearbox and Banjo diff. It’s been an eight-year build, however because it doesn’t feature a host of wild mods, it’s one of those cars that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Steve Azzopardi – XB Falcon
Sure this XB sedan features killer black paint by Drago at Sefton Smash, it’s the myriad of subtle body mods that sets the Falcon apart. Check out the narrowed and tucked bumper bars, lowered taillights, tucked boot lid, re-sculptured quarters, custom grille and shaved headlight eyebrows – to name a few! Built almost entirely by Steve himself, it’s been a seven-year labour of lover. “I’ve barely taken a weekend off,” says Steve. Not only did Steve do all the body work himself, he also did all the polishing and all the preparation for chrome plating. It’s plenty tough as well, the tunnel has been raised to allow super low ride height and it’s powered by a grunty 418-cube Windsor from Trick & Mansweto Racing. Best of all It’s a true driver and has already clocked up nearly 300km since completion.

Primed For The Future

All great paint jobs start from the bottom up, put down a poor foundation and no matter how good your top coat is, chances are it will fail. Using this principal House of Kolor have developed a new Hybrid Primer with all the characteristics of an Epoxy Primer and the fast drying and easy sanding capabilities of Acrylic Urethane. I used the KD3000 Grey Primer on a recent motorcycle job at the 4:1 (4 Parts Primer to 1 Part Activator) High Build Primer ratio to lay down a silky smooth ground coat. The KD Series primers can also be mixed at 4:1:1 (4 Parts Primer to 1 Part Activator to 1 Part Reducer) for a Medium Build primer or a 4:1:2 (4 Parts Primer to 1 Part Activator to 2 Parts Reducer) Sealer that can be applied Direct to Metal.

The KD3000 Series primers may also be applied to existing OEM Finishes, aluminium, fibreglass, galvanised surfaces and various plastics. This primer also contains an additive to prevent Benzyl Peroxide bleed-through from body fillers.

KD3000 Series primers are available in a variety of 6 colours that are fully inter-mixable. This means better coverage with less coats, which saves time and money. I found this primer easy to use and a breeze to sand.


Make Your Colour Unique

One of the most common statements we hear when talking about colours are “I want something that no one else has”. Even though we have a huge range here at House of Kolor, most of the more popular colours have been done. Apple Red – Done, Passion Purple – Done, Tangelo – Done, that’s not to say that if your baby was painted in any of the above it wouldn’t look killer, chances are it has been done before. This is where you need to step out of the box and let your imagination run wild.

Mix it up! If you are a fan of a colour, than why not use it as a base and add a little ‘you’ to it. Like Oriental Blue? Why not add a bit of Orion Silver to give it a little light, or add Cobalt Blue to give it a nice Deep Blue touch. The possibilities are endless. Taking the time to get the mix right can give you a truly unique, one-of-a-kind colour.


Sometimes this is a covert operation with some people being very secretive about the combination used, others are happy to share, or may give a variation on their original mix. Custom colour mixing features in a lot of well known cars including Peter’s Trilogy, Mick’s RAWR, Aaron’s Datto and Mark’s Sublime. Get those creative juices flowing and have fun!


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