Thirty-year-old, Chris Langford, is a second generation hot rodder. His father, Ken, has built a number of well-known rods.

“I got sick of driving dad’s cars, so I decided to build one of my own,” says Chris.

His three-window, ’32, called A DEUCE, is based around a heavily-modified Deuce Customs body – which included chopping 30mm out of the front of the roofline to give it a more aggressive rake. Naturally this mod required custom glass all ’round.



The massaged body mounts atop a Lewis Chassis Works creation that incorporates a Rod-Tech IFS at the steering end and a triangulated four-bar out back.

Black Edge Auto Refinishers laid on the custom teal paint, while Kool Trim fitted out the interior in Dove Grey leather complete with classy suede inserts. Young Chris has got a bit of height about him, so a lot of effort went into accommodating his lanky frame in the relatively small coupe.

“I’ve got 150mm of head room and it’s really comfy in there,” says Chris. “It’s all been made around me.”

It’s 383-cube small-block Chev is a real animal and was screwed together by NTS Automotive. It’s backed by a TH700R4 and a nine-inch – filled with a 3.73:1 gears and a Detroit Locker centre. As fresh as A DEUCE looks, it’s actually racked up 300km – albeit very careful ones, so as not get any stones chips under the guards. However that’s all over, MotorEx Melbourne is A DEUCE’s last show.

“This is the car’s second year, the urge is now great,” says Chris, “I’m going to get out and start driving a drive it.” What better way to enjoy the last ever winner of Hot Rod Best of Breed.


Best of Breed Hot Rod Champion Paintwork // Bronze