House of Kolor provides two clear coats that cover all VOC requirements. UC- 35 is a fast drying, high-build clear coat. UC-35 is the first clear coat you should apply in you custom paint job whether it’s over UK Kandy, House of Kolor base coats, graphics or artwork. After the UC-35 has dried for at least 24 hrs., wet-sand with 600 or P800 to remove all the gloss, imperfections and orange peel that may have occurred. After cleaning the sanded surface, remask and apply two to three coats of UFC-35. Allow the clear coat to cure then color sand to a polish. This system will provide the best gloss and DOI (distinctiveness of image) to your custom finish. Never apply more than three coats of urethane clear at one time without letting it cure color sanding or reclearing. Excessive coats of urethane clear applied wet on wet will result in splitting, die back, soft film and delimitation. This is a case where more is not better!