Michelle Davies – Chopper
Although Michelle Davies is no stager to bikes, having owned a Street Bob for some time, this is her first full-on custom chopper. Michelle’s husband, Gareth, originally undertook the build as a surprise for her 40th birthday earlier this year. Unfortunately circumstances conspired against those initial plans, with the handover now taking place at MotorEx. The bike is based around a Kraft Tech rigid bobber frame with a two-inch up-stretch and 34-degree rake. There’s also a springer seat, Sissy bar on the back and a 180-wide rear tyre. While the 88-cube Evo-based engine has a host of good gear, it isn’t crazy as they wanted it to be really user friendly. Something you could simply jump on and head up the coast without having to worry.

Gareth vividly remembers a comment that Chip Foose made when he visited MotorEx two years ago, ‘the best modification is the one you don’t notice.’ “I love this and build my bikes along these lines,” says Gareth. This was his inspiration when hand forming all the panels, including all those ones you don’t notice until you get up and have a close look. Look carefully at the HOK Fuschia Flake for a better appreciation of the intricate Joe Webb airbrush work and pin stripping. Other than a couple of bolts and a few odd parts, this bike is devoid of chrome, everything has been powder coated in heat-proof tough as muck black. “I’ve certainly kept Peter Snell Protective Coatings busy this year,” says Gareth.

Gareth Davies – Chopper
This latest custom chopper from Gareth Davies makes this the 12th straight year he’s unveiled a new bike at MotorEx – that’s a mighty effort. Gareth and this year’s HOK Clockwork Orange bike have quite a bit of history. “I built it for a friend several years ago,” says Gareth. “It was then wrongly impounded as a rebirthed bike, eventually recovered before being crashed some time later – while not insured.” Rather than let it slink off into obscurity, Gareth felt it needed to stay in the family, so to speak, and decided to buy it back and give it a major revamp and makeover. The genuine Harley Davidson frame now sports a four-inch up-stretch and four-inch back stretch. Limiting the frame mods means that all Gareth needs to do is put a cover in the primary and quieter pipes and it’ll be 100 percent legal in NSW.

Wheel wise the chopper runs a PM billets, 21-inch up front and 18×8.5 out back wrapped in a fat 250-wide tyre. Pushing things along is a warmed-over 2001 twin-cam Harley engine hooked to a factory Harley gearbox that has beefed up internals and three-inch BDL top fuel belt drive. All the guards are handmade, while oil and fuel tank have been sliced and diced to blend into the overall theme of the bike. For Gareth, the highlight is the Joe Webb graphics. “I can’t give this guy enough credit,” says Gareth, “he never fails to amaze me. It will blow everyone away.” These trick graphics incorporate a skulls and snakes theme with flames licking their way over the top of it all. In stark contrast to the HOK Clockwork Orange paint, all the accessories have been painted or powder coat tough-as-much black. “I’ve certainly kept Peter Snell Protective Coatings busy this year,” says Gareth.