Gerry Mediati – 1969 Fiat Abarth Cabriolet – SCORPIONE
Meguiar’s Superstars – Champion Awards // OVERALL INNOVATION BRONZE

Gerry Mediati’s Abarth is hands down the most left-of-field machine ever unveiled in Australia – and quite possibly the world. The international Fiat 500 Club is 25,000 members strong and none of them have ever seen a 500 taken to this extent. “I’m only the crazy one,” says Gerry. The car started as a bit of joke around what you could build that no one has ever seen before – which spawned the idea of a Fiat 500. Gerry loved the concept so much, he set about building one for real. The donor car was originally a hardtop, which Gerry lopped the top off to make a Cabriolet. Mind you there wasn’t much cutting involved, as the donor car was a complete basket case. Rust had just about eaten away all the pillars. In fact only the outer rear quarter panels were retained, every other inner outer panel was made from scratch. So too was the custom chassis, complete with fabricated, tubular suspension that uses modified Fiat stub axles and scaled-down coil-overs all ’round that were specially made in Italy. Also out of Italy are the one-off 12×5 wheels – which feature a huge PCD. Displacing the original 500cc air-cooled engine is an 800cc version that makes 55rwhp – which is almost triple the original’s output. Gerry built 90 percent of the car himself, with Mick’s Custom Trim interior and that seductive HOK Majik blue laid on by Sefton Smash being one of the few things outsourced. Despite the Fiat’s diminutive size, it comfortably seats four adults.