When someone hands you a blank Ducati Monster tank and asks “What would you do if it was your bike?”. Hmmm, I would want something that represents the nature of this bike – the power, the electricity, the true Monster. Frankenstein was the ideal choice for this and the nostalgic black and white image goes great with the colour scheme.


After masking it off and drawing in some feature guidelines, I started this portrait of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein with a very light grey mix of House of Kolor’s S225 Jet Black and S226 Bright White to help map out his face and build texture. This mix was reduced with RU312 Slow Reducer at the ratio of 1:1. I find that I get less tip dry and spatter by using the Slow reducer. I then darkened the mix with some more S225 to help with depth and shadow. It is essential to add these layers as it builds dimension to the face.



Now I start on the dark shadows and brightest highlights to really make the face pop. First the shadows with a Dark Grey and then an over reduced S225 Jet Black. The Highlights were pure S226 Bright White that was thinned to reduce the spatter that comes with spraying White.


With the Portrait now finished, I back masked it and sprayed the stripe with BC02 Orion Silver. This was to match the frame of the bike. The fade was done with the same over reduced Black that finished off the portrait. A slash pinstripe was added in U03 Roman Red striping Enamel to help represent the trademark Ducati Red. This was carried on throughout various pieces of the bike.




The bike was then cleared using HOK’s USC01 Show Clear at the 3:1:1 mixing ratio (3 Parts Clear:1 Part KU152 Hardener:1 Part RU311 Reducer). After the clear had dried for 24 hours, it was sanded with 1200 Wet and Dry and flow coated, again using the same clear but this time mixing it 3:1:2. This second mixing ratio allows the clear to flow out better, giving a smoother finish.



Once delivered, the customer was over the moon with the end result.

All of the colours used for this are available in 70ml sizes for airbrushing purposes and are available through your local distributor or online at www.thecarcarestore.com.au