Joe Kilner – Chopper CORUPT
With its front and rear stretch, along with 44-degree rake up the front, Joe Kilner’s wild chopper, CORUPT, measures in at 2.7mteres long – or 9-feet in old speak. Although Joe has owned quite a few bikes over the years, this is his first show-level machine – which has taken three and half years, all-up, to complete. Originally built by Ben Marshall from South Australia, the soft tail rear, Southern Cycles frame now houses a fully polished, 127-cube Ultima that is mated to an RHS six-speed transmission. Billet wheels measure 21-inch up front and an 18 on the blunt end – which wears a 300 tyre.

CORUPT has been an all-out effort, requiring a lot of custom parts, such as the four-inch stretched tank, neat sheet metal work (and help with the display) by Sunshine Sheetmetals, one-off bars from the well-known Burleigh Bars and wiring and some custom parts by Big Daddy Customs. However for Joe, it’s the paint that is the standout feature, with Pete’s Killer Paint from South Australia being the man responsible.

“I’d seen some of his artwork before,” says Joe, “I picked the HOK Oriental Blue and just let him run from there and do whatever he wanted to do.” The highly-detailed custom airbrush work includes marbelised candy along with tribal flames that feature an underlying Satan-child theme throughout. The marbelised candy even extends onto the frame and sheet metal work. Equipped with full lights, blinkers, mirrors and headlight, along with an amply-padded snake skin seat, this is one radical chopper that is destined to see plenty of highway miles – where it will no doubt turn every head in a 10-block radius.