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What is the correct House of Kolor clear coat for my project?2014-10-14T17:06:24+10:00

House of Kolor provides two clear coats that cover all VOC requirements. UC- 35 is a fast drying, high-build clear coat. UC-35 is the first clear coat you should apply in you custom paint job whether it’s over UK Kandy, House of Kolor base coats, graphics or artwork. After the UC-35 has dried for at least 24 hrs., wet-sand with 600 or P800 to remove all the gloss, imperfections and orange peel that may have occurred. After cleaning the sanded surface, remask and apply two to three coats of UFC-35. Allow the clear coat to cure then color sand to a polish. This system will provide the best gloss and DOI (distinctiveness of image) to your custom finish. Never apply more than three coats of urethane clear at one time without letting it cure color sanding or reclearing. Excessive coats of urethane clear applied wet on wet will result in splitting, die back, soft film and delimitation. This is a case where more is not better!

Can I mix House of Kolor colors together to make my own color?2014-10-14T17:06:07+10:00

Many House of Kolor products may be mixed together. Any House of Kolor products with Shimrin on the label may be mixed together at any ratio. Any of the UK Kandy’s may be mixed together at any ratio. Dry pearls and flakes may be mixed in most House of Kolor products. Check the latest House of Kolor tech. manual before mixing any products.

When I applied the second, third, etc. coat of Kandy, the Kandy wrinkled what’s wrong?2014-10-14T17:05:51+10:00

If you have mixed all of the House of Kolor products correctly you probably are letting the Kandy dry too long between coats. Each coat of Kandy should be allowed to flash until it has stopped stringing but is still sticky before applying the next coat of Kandy. When the Kandy is allowed to become hand slick prior to applying the next coat, the Kandy will wrinkle. To prevent this, use the correct speed reducer for your application, temperature and air movement. Pay strict attention to the flash time of each coat from the spot where you begin spraying each coat of Kandy. When you start applying your first coat of Kandy, stay with the job until you have applied all of the desired coats of Kandy and the two coats of UC our UFC clear coat.

What primer/surfacer should I use?2014-10-14T17:05:34+10:00

When choosing a primer there are a few choices. First check your local VOC regulations. KP21 is a 2.1 VOC epoxy primer for low VOC areas. KP2-CF is the national rule epoxy primer-both are designed for extreme durability and corrosion resistance over bare metals. Both sand very easily when dry with no shrinkage. You could also apply KS-10/KS-210 or KS-11/KS-211 over one of the KP primers or a sanded OEM finish as a sanding primer. Don’t take a chance and use some one else’s primer under your House of Kolor products. If our tests showed that an etch or wash primer and a fast drying 2K urethane primer would hold up as well as our epoxies we would make one.

What gun should I use to spray flake with?2014-10-14T17:05:15+10:00

The mini-flakes are easy to spray and work with most regular spray equipment. The larger flakes should be sprayed with an agitator cup set up. In our training classes we use a Sata NR 2000 with a 1.5 tip set up and a LM-92 agitator cup.

Can I mix Kameleon colors to come up with my own color and what color base should I apply it over?2014-10-14T17:05:00+10:00

Yes, just be sure you test the color by first mixing a small sample and make a spray-out on a curved panel. Kameleon Kolors are just like any other color if you mix hues from opposite sides of the color wheel (i.e.: red and green, blue and orange), you may end up with a brown or gray. Kameleon’s give the best effect when sprayed over BC-25 black or PBC-43 black pearl. You can apply Kameleon over any of the House of Kolor Shimrin base coat colors to get new and interesting effects. Just be sure you make a sample spray-out panel before you begin painting your project to make sure you are getting a desirable effect.

How long should I let the UK Kandy dry before clear coating?2014-10-14T17:04:39+10:00

UK Kandy should be cleared immediately. You should apply your first coat of UC or UFC clear as if it were your next coat of Kandy. If you let the Kandy become hand slick you must wait 12 hrs. then scuff with a red scuff pad before applying more Kandy or a clear coat. Failure to do this will result in wrinkling of the Kandy. If you want to do art work over your UK Kandy, first clear the Kandy, let it dry, sand with 600 to 800 grit wet paper and do your art work over the dry clear. Do not apply SG100 over UK Kandys!

Do you have to activate UK Kandy’s?2014-10-14T17:04:07+10:00

Yes, use a 2-1-1 ratio with KU-100 and RU reducers. If you don’t, the Kandy coat will never cure and will split.

Can I use other brands of product with HOK?2014-10-14T17:03:51+10:00

Any dry product such as pearls or flakes may be mixed with other brands of paint. Mixing wet products with HOK is a bad idea. House of Kolor products are formulated to work within the House of Kolor system where as other products are formulated differently to work in their own systems. When you mix products from other systems you risk conflicts in formulation which could spell disaster for your custom job. If you’re going to spend all the time and money it takes to do a custom paint job, you shouldn’t risk the quality of the job by mixing products. You shouldn’t even use another clear over a House of Kolor paint job. HOK clears are formulated to protect your custom finish with two to three times more UV protection than other automotive clears. HOK products are designed for long lasting custom paint jobs where other brands are designed for OEM repairs. Don’t risk mixing products!


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