Mal Apps –  FC Sedan INTREPID-C
Meguiar’s Superstars – Champion Awards // INTERIOR & REAR COMPARTMENT GOLD
MotorEx Laurie Starling Award

The previous owner of this FC known as INTREPID-C had spent considerable time and effort building up the sedan into a Peter Fitzpatrick tribute machine complete with V8 conversion – then parked it in a shed for 16 years. Current owner, Mal Apps, saw the potential and bought it with the intention of finishing it off, as it pretty much just needed trim. Before all that could happen, Mal decided he wanted disc brakes on the rear and a better front end. This quickly escalated to Glen (the man responsible for building most of INTREPID-C) dragging out the plasma cutter to remove the entire floor. To fill the gaping hole, a custom perimeter chassis was fabricated complete with a Rod-Tech front end and triangulated four-bar rear to clear the 20×10 and 19×8 rolling stock. This chassis was also tucked 90mm up into the body to enable INTREPID-C to sit on the deck, while remaining fully functional.

Body mods have been limited to shaved door handles, flush fitting door frames and shaving some of the factory molds. Under the side-opening bonnet it’s a different story. The underside of the bonnet has been skinned and now wraps around the cross-arm injection that sits proudly top the detailed four-bolt, 350 Chev. The smoothed off inner guards, firewall and radiator cover panel were all fashioned from sheet metal. In a nod to the FC’s factory colour scheme, the body is finished in HOK Oriental Blue and Snow White pearl.

Virtually the entire interior is has been made from scratch. In the dash you find a nicely-integrated, ’55 Chev gauge cluster, while Mickz Motor Trimming spent a huge number of hours fashioning the kick trims, door panels, parcel tray, boot panels and hood lining side moldings out of aluminium – before covering them in sumptuous leather. Considering Mal has just turned 70, INTREPID-C has been a massive commitment and a pretty brave move. However there’s no doubting the end product.