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Notes MARBLIZER ARTISTIC BASE COAT (MB) Marblizer Artistic Bases offer you an exciting paint finish. With Marblizer you can achieve the appearance of a deep marble, snake skin, plus many other effects. Marblizer is a Universal Base that can be simply cleared over or be used as a base coat for Kandy. They can be cleared with acrylic lacquers or urethane enamels. Marblizer must be applied over a base color. The most dramatic effect is achieved using a House of Kolor black base such as our BC-25 Black or PBC-43 or PBC-100 Black Pearl. Other base colors work also. We recommend doing your own testing before using other House of Kolor base colors Always spray a test panel! Let base color dry 15 to 30 minutes before applying Marblizer. IMPORTANT: SG-100 INTERCOAT CLEAR MUST BE APPLIED OVER MARBILIZER PRIOR TO FINAL URETHANE CLEAR OR KANDY COATS. MIX RATIO – READY TO SPRAY

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Tech Sheet MB-MARBLIZER.pdf