The two most common phrases when talking to customers about custom paint are “I want something new” and “I want something no one else has”, well, House of Kolor Shimrin 2 is the answer! The HOK Shimrin 2 system has 18 Karrier Bases and 35 FX Packs that can be mixed using our formulas ensuring your custom colour can be reproduced with precision if needed. These combinations make up what was the equivalent to the old Pearl Basecoats (PBC’s) in the original Shimrin system. We also have formulas that include the Kandy Koncentrates for that Kandy Basecoat (KBC’s) goodness.

For that truly personal touch, our Karrier bases can be intermixed to give you a one-of-a-kind starting point for your custom paint journey. Next, comes the fun part of adding any one of the FX packs to give you that WOW factor you are looking for. Ranging from bright Metallics to colour flip Pearls, these too can be intermixed for yet another level of personalisation. As this system runs on numbers and codes, your unique creation can be called whatever you like, name it after your kids, your wife, your dog or just something cool, it is totally up to you, it is your colour.

Fear not lovers of the original classic colours like Apple Red, Tangelo and Passion Purple. These are still being produced in Factory Packs but can also be tweaked using the Shimrin 2 system.

The future of custom paint has never looked brighter, and with the HOK Shimrin 2 system and your creative imagination the combinations are endless. Shimrin 2 is putting the custom back into custom painting.