All great paint jobs start from the bottom up, put down a poor foundation and no matter how good your top coat is, chances are it will fail. Using this principal House of Kolor have developed a new Hybrid Primer with all the characteristics of an Epoxy Primer and the fast drying and easy sanding capabilities of Acrylic Urethane. I used the KD3000 Grey Primer on a recent motorcycle job at the 4:1 (4 Parts Primer to 1 Part Activator) High Build Primer ratio to lay down a silky smooth ground coat. The KD Series primers can also be mixed at 4:1:1 (4 Parts Primer to 1 Part Activator to 1 Part Reducer) for a Medium Build primer or a 4:1:2 (4 Parts Primer to 1 Part Activator to 2 Parts Reducer) Sealer that can be applied Direct to Metal.

The KD3000 Series primers may also be applied to existing OEM Finishes, aluminium, fibreglass, galvanised surfaces and various plastics. This primer also contains an additive to prevent Benzyl Peroxide bleed-through from body fillers.

KD3000 Series primers are available in a variety of 6 colours that are fully inter-mixable. This means better coverage with less coats, which saves time and money. I found this primer easy to use and a breeze to sand.