Rob Zahabi – 1954 Ford F100 FUN 54
Street Elite Showcase Awards – MEDAL OF EXCELLENCE // IMPACT & DISPLAY Silver

How do you make a 50s truck fun? Slam it to the ground, drop in a bad-ass blown V8 and paint it in HOK Jet Black and HOK red – that’s how! This recipe has definitely worked for this Rides by Kam stunner, FUN 54.
Sure the recipe might be straightforward, however the ingredients are anything but. Dropping the Effie into weeds over the one-off 20×8 and 22×10 Boyds billets, is a Mustang II-style front end and airbags all ‘round. Holding up the old-school rootes blower is a late-model Aussie 5.4-litre Ford Boss V8.

To mate the Blower Shop huffer and quad-cam together, engine guru, Jake Edwards fabricated a custom inlet manifold and blower-drive set-up. With 600 neddies at the crank, it’s a horsepower match made in heaven. Getting rid of the F100s ugly bits and bobs required a myriad of subtle mods, – such as deleting the quarter vent windows and flattening out the tailgate. After KAM spent nearly two years fine-tuning all the body work, GC Collision Center was called into action to lay on the HOK hues. On the inside, Rob broke out the sewing machine and covered everything in classy black leather, which he offset with a swag of billet goodies and electronic wizardry.

Originally purchased as an unfinished project that was mostly in boxes, getting this killer pick-up back in one piece proved to be a nightmare. “A lot of the work had to be redone,” says Rob from Rides by Kam, “and it was missing so many pieces. You couldn’t bolt anything up without having to buy extra bits or fabricate missing parts.” Rob predicts FUN 54 is unlikely to see many shows after MotorEx. “The owner lives in Northern Territory and is definitely going to be driving it,” says Rob. You can bet he’ll be having a tonne of fun in his ’54 F100.