Steve Sarkis – LC Torana
Steve originally bought this HOK Ultra Orange with custom grey highlights Torana as a yellow driver to have a bit of fun with. He decided to do a colour change – and look what happened! It now sports a 750hp, blown, 308 Holden built by Hercules Competition Engines, two-speed Powerglide and Ford 9-inch. To fit those fat Simmons wheels, Racer’s Choice opened up the wheel arches and took care of the rest of the chassis work, while Metro Auto & Air looked after the electricals. Steve deliberately went for a four-door as he wanted something different. Built over two, short years, Steve credits work mates; Mark Jeatani, Elie Kahila, Bruce Gunter and Glenn Dawson for doing the lion share of the work.

Blake Fardell – XY Falcon
Another stunner from Paul Sant’s Proflow Performance. The whole concept was not create a another GT clone, that’s why it’d HOK Galaxy Grey and is jam packed with 572-cubes of blown Hemi! Yep a Hemi. As Paul says, “it’s a neutral engine, everybody loves a Hemi!” As for driveline, there’s something for everybody; TH400 gearbox, sheet-metal 9-inch filled with 35-spline axles rolling on huge 20x12s out back and 20x7s up front. The factory shock towers were ditched to make way for the brand new, EFI-equipped Mopar Performance donk, with the Falcon now riding on a custom Proflow double A-arm front suspension system. In fact the entire engine bay is custom fabricated from the firewall forward. Interior is also customised but has been done so along factory lines, including the full auto meter array of gauges.

Craig Hewitt – 2006 VZ Monaro
Craig’s previous car, a VL, went 7.41. But he wanted something that was faster, better finished and incorporated all the latest technology. So the VL was sold off to finance this ultra-tough VZ Monaro. While a purpose-built drag car, it’s been specifically built to run in APSA ProStreet Blown, as such it retains the front chassis rails, windscreen pillars and the body is all steel. Under the hat is a blown 501 alcohol Hemi by Aaron Hambridge complete with Noonan Race Engineering billet heads, Keith Black alloy block and 14/71, high helix, Kobelco Superman blower – backed by a two-speed Powerglide by ProTrans. Joe Gauci (Pro Fab) did the chassis, which incorporates an Rj’s four-link and very high-tech Penske shocks. Target ET? “The number one spot is 6:68,” says Craig, “that’s what we’re chasing, which is what the car was built for.”

Joe Nap – 1938 International
A member of the Beatniks, Joe is no stranger to the Meguiar’s Elite Hall. He previously debuted his orange HQ Monaro, as well as a number of customer cars, including Mario Capitani’s ’33 Speedster and Mark Devine’s orange ’34. This time ‘round the covers came off Joe’s new work rig, a ’38 Inter rat truck. Joe started with a set of wheels he picked up five years ago and started collecting bits ‘n’ pieces from there. “I built the whole truck from pretty much nothing,” says Joe. Highlights include huge Morris Commercial grille, Morris Oxford tray, ’46 Ford chassis, Model-A taillights, ’33 Ford door handles and stainless steel guards. It’s air-bag free and is designed to be driven hard at its 125mm ride height – which it will have no trouble doing thanks to its 8/71-equiped 502 big-block.

Phil Rillotta – 1969 Camaro
At an astounding 1005.8-cubes, the big-block Chev in Phil Rillotta’s latest toy is the world’s biggest. This EFI-equipped behemoth, nicknamed ‘The Godfather’ is a one-off built by the legendary Sonny Leonard for noted US racer, Craig Olsen. And the car ain’t bad either. Hailing from the workshop of Jerry Bickel (again for Craig Olsen), it has run 6.20@223mph with a smaller, less powerful 932ci Sonny engine – which at the time made it the quickest and fastest NA car in the world with an automatic. It has a lot of technology built into it – including five different computers, while the sleek carbon fibre body is sprayed in HOK grey and features intricate airbrushing that’s a tribute to 9/11 and the US armed forces. Phil’s been around racing cars all his life and he’s never seen anything like this, “my jaw hit the ground when I first saw it.”

Simon Lumbroso – LC GTR Torana
Simon’s Torrie is a genuine, matching-numbers GTR – with a number of XU-1 upgrades. Being a genuine GTR, Simon kept the modifications to a minimum and anything that has been modified has been done so along period lines. Mind you, Simon Bonello of Ground Level Paint & Panel spent a lot of time getting all the bodywork spot-on including the gaps – and the factory Sebring Orange paint is also very schmick. The engine bay retains the original 161 S six-cylinder (albeit with XU-1 triple Stromberg’s), along with the stock rocker cover that has been smoothed, painted and buffed to perfection! In fact the entire engine has been deburred and smoothed, along with the factory Opel gearbox and Banjo diff. It’s been an eight-year build, however because it doesn’t feature a host of wild mods, it’s one of those cars that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Steve Azzopardi – XB Falcon
Sure this XB sedan features killer black paint by Drago at Sefton Smash, it’s the myriad of subtle body mods that sets the Falcon apart. Check out the narrowed and tucked bumper bars, lowered taillights, tucked boot lid, re-sculptured quarters, custom grille and shaved headlight eyebrows – to name a few! Built almost entirely by Steve himself, it’s been a seven-year labour of lover. “I’ve barely taken a weekend off,” says Steve. Not only did Steve do all the body work himself, he also did all the polishing and all the preparation for chrome plating. It’s plenty tough as well, the tunnel has been raised to allow super low ride height and it’s powered by a grunty 418-cube Windsor from Trick & Mansweto Racing. Best of all It’s a true driver and has already clocked up nearly 300km since completion.