Giving your ride a one-off, kick-ass, custom paint job is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing everyone knows that it’s anything but run-of-the-mill. Accomplishing that has never been easier thanks to House of Kolor’s huge selection of vibrant kandy’s, incredible pearls, stunning flakes and amazing marbilizer’s. However for unparalleled impact, enhanced exclusivity and refined sophistication, why not up the ante via a two-tone creation.

With House of Kolor’s huge choice of kolors and effects, the range of sensational–looking combinations is near limitless. What better way to make your pride ‘n’ joy uber cool?

Alternatively, rather than go for a full respray, why not opt for a half-factory, half-custom configuration that will instantly transform your mundane streeter into an outrageous head-turner without breaking the bank.

You can use House of Kolor’s Digital Paint Booth to mix ‘n’ match to your heart’s content. Or you can always drag out your crayons and use some old-school technology to create a cutting-edge sensation.

Original post by By Craig Parker | MotorActive Associate Editor | On November 22, 2013
Two-Tone Revolution